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2008 Enacted State Legislation

Michigan SB97 Public Act No. 15

Requires licensees and registrants of child care centers to notify parents of complaints of rule violations and investigations.

Michigan HB5531 Public Act 112

Increases appropriation by $4.7 million to $98.3 million for Michigan’s Great Start School Readiness program for 2007-2008.

2007 Enacted State Legislation

No legislation was enacted for 2007 in this state.

Proposed Legislation 2007

A bill was introduced in the House Committee on Family and Children and Children Services that requires the department to develop a quality rating system for child care centers, family child care, and group child care. The Senate Committee on Families and Human Services considered whether to amend licensing and registration requirements for child care centers. The House and Senate passed resolutions that urge Congress to provide additional funding for Head Start and child care.

2006 Enacted State Legislation

No legislation was enacted in 2006 in this state.

State Budget Appropriations

Michigan Early Care and Education Budget Actions FY 07-08

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NGA Summit Summaries

Click here to view information about Governors summits.

State Policy Profile

Michigan State Policy Profile

Click here to view Michigan State Policy Profile of Health and Nutrition/ Early Care and Education/ Parenting and Economic Supports

State Policy Update

Michigan’s Budget Demonstrates a Commitment to Young Children

August 21, 2006

Last week Michigan’s governor, Jennifer Granholm, approved the state budget passed by the state legislature in late July. The final budget for fiscal year 2007 contained additional funding for programs that benefit young children. The budget includes approximately $1.6 million in new funding for the Intermediate School Districts Parent Involvement Grants. These competitive grants will focus on expanding high quality early childhood services, with particular attention to programs that address early learning and parenting. Furthermore, the legislature appropriated $1 million for the local Great Start Collaboratives, which are statewide groups aimed at coordinating public and private efforts to improve the early childhood systems.

The final budget also includes a $1.5 million increase in funding to the Department of Education’s School Aid contribution to the 0-3 Secondary Prevention program. The 0-3 Secondary Prevention program is administered by the Children’s Trust Fund and provides funding to communities in order to prevent the maltreatment of very young children. Services provided under the program are designed to foster positive parenting skills, improve parent-child interaction, increase local capacity to serve families at-risk, and support healthy family environments that discourage alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use.
Children’s Trust Fund Fact Sheet

In addition, $400,000 was appropriated for an expansion of the Nurse Family Partnership program, in an effort to curb problems of infant mortality in the state. The Nurse Family Partnership is a nurse home visitation program aimed at improving the health, well-being and self-sufficiency of low-income, first-time parents and their children. 

State Policy Roundup: Progress on Infant-Toddler Policy Across the United States

Do you want to know about promising state and community initiatives that support the healthy development of infants, toddlers and their families?  If so, read this article now, which summarizes the new and exciting infant-toddler legislation and campaigns happening across the country.  The article describes these state and community efforts and provides updates on the progress they are making in their efforts to serve infants, toddlers and their families. View the PDF file here


July 23, 2007

The ZERO TO THREE Policy Network works to keep members abreast of new and exciting infant-toddler legislation and initiatives happening across the country.  This article summarizes state and community policy activities during the first six months of 2007 and provides updates on the progress states and communities are making in their efforts to serve infants, toddlers and their families. View the PDF here

Child Care and Early Education State-by-State Data

Click here to view state-by-state data on child care funding, Head Start, community-based pre-k and infant and toddler initiatives.

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